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Sushi Jazz is cooking, research, music, atmosphere.

Sushi Jazz

Not just a restaurant, a place that wants to make people happy

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Eclectic. Overwhelming. Passionate.

Madame Betty

At 16 she started dancing and shortly after, from Riccione to Jesolo, she became the protagonist of the night on the Riviera. After a brief experience as a vocalist, she locks herself in a garage with a DJ friend to learn her trade on vinyl. A shock. She dedicates herself to vinyl only, buys the equipment and starts touring the clubs in Tuscany. Her success comes with the Campari Tour. She is, in fact, selected - presenting herself in a feather hat and corset - as the official DJ of the tour.

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madame betty sushi jazz

5 years for all the best clubs in Italy – from Rome to Milan, from Sicily to the Amalfi Coast. She follows the Playboy Tour, complete with a release in the famous American sexy magazine. Fashion Tv chooses it to play in an exclusive party in Madonna’s Villa. She became a character of international calibre: news, fashion shows, collaborations and shows in India, Russia and New York. At the sunset of the ’10s, the desire was born to detach and mend a room of her to her image and likeness of her. The new 1920s are born, those of the Third Millennium. Sushi Jazz is born, by Madame Betty.

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Sushi Fusion in a 1920s sauce. Service, quality and freshness, Madame Betty's vinyl and Live Shows full of Jazz! Let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere of Sushi Jazz Pietrasanta, between quality crudités and hot dishes of Japanese tradition. Great wines and our cocktail list inspired by the characters of prohibition.

By the sea


In Tonfano (Marina di Pietrasanta), by the sea, the desire for freedom explodes. The same proposal in the kitchen and in mixology of our location in Pietrasanta, an exclusive club for music lovers. Dj set and Live Show. 100% '20.

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Follow us. All around this region: live shows, dj set, events! Sushi Jazz Forever

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